Automatic Bottle Rinsing Filling machine

We are one of the distinguished manufacturer and exporter of Rotary Filling Machine.

Automatic Bottle Rinsing Filling machine (60 BPM RFC Machine) We offer a high quality range of RFC series machines that is fully automatic and offers an integration of washing, filling and capping facility. In order to ensure ease of use, these machines have the latest man-machine interface control technology, along with a number of automations as well. Our range works on the hanging neck holding method to ensure that the bottle changeover process takes place easily and conveniently. It is due to the high utility and effective performance of our range that it can be used to pack mineral water, fruit juice, squash and other beverages that require filling at a high temperature, by changing a few parts.

Operation of the bottle In-feed & rinser section:
This machine has an in-feed star wheel that is equipped with spring loaded neck gripper fingers to compensate for variation in the bottle neck diameter. In order to remove the need of feed worm & changing parts for different bottle body diameter, the bottles that come from the air conveyor are picked by the neck star neck and shifted between grip fingers. The bottles are then transferred to the rinsing turret by the neck spider that has gripping fingers. In order to eliminate wastage of water, the spray nozzles in our machine work on a “no bottle-no rinsing spray” mechanism. The turret is rotated 90 degrees for rinsing and for the next 90 degrees the bottles are tilted by a small angle for effective draining.